Pushing Our Limits for 25 Years

From Then to Now

25 years is no small feat. Over the last two and a half decades, we have evolved with the industry and our clients’ business needs. We have grown our team with great intention, bringing in experts across multiple disciplines. We’ve expanded our offerings to provide a large set of diverse and integrated solutions. And, with all these changes, one thing has remained constant – our dedication toward providing world-class research and consulting for the life sciences industry.

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Our Team

BioVid started with one employee in 1998, and we have come a long way since then. In the past 4 years alone, we have more than doubled the size of our team. The BioVid team is now over 80 teammates strong, and is comprised of some of the most talented minds from across the globe.

We are Ready for YOU.

We are Ready for YOU.

Whether you are new to BioVid, or it’s been a while, we want you to know that we are ready for you. Let our team of experts show you how we can apply our rigorously tested science and unparalled offerings to all your business opportunities and challenges.

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