The history of Biovid

Founded in 1998, BioVid Corporation is a leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device global marketing research and marketing strategy consulting firm.

Since our founding, we have created and evolved a range of an array of world-class research offerings, several of which have won industry awards. Our goal is to stay in front of the curve by continuously adapting our methods, strategies, and deliverables to meet the needs of our clients as they adapt to a continuously changing marketplaces.

We play as hard as we work

Our HQ

We are located in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, just 23 miles outside of Philadelphia and easily accessible by public transportation.

Our Rewards for helping our customers win

PMRG 2017 Marketing Researcher of the Year
2017 PMRG Institute: Best Multimedia Poster Prize
Our conference talks are some of the most highly-rated in the industry. Our goal is to participate and contribute to answering some of the industry’s most intriguing and challenging questions.
2018 PMSA Annual Conference

Fixing What’s Wrong With Demand: Refreshing Our Thinking On Core Elements For Life Science Demand Research

2017 PMRG Institute Conference

Catharsis, Confidants, and Context: Tools for Unburying Deep Patient Realities

2017 PBIRG Annual General Meeting

Welcome to the New World: Replacing Social Media “Listening” with Social Media Research.

The Team

Business Consulting and Brand Strategy

Andrew Aprill, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Peggy Hirtle


Carter Smith, Ph.D.

Principal, Brand Strategy

Will Leskin

Executive Director, Brand Strategy


Aarti Shah

Executive Director, Client Outcomes

Sal Zerilli, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Knowledge & Innovation

Dusten Brennan

Executive Director, Research Operations

Eric Duncan

Senior Director


Pierre Sardain

Design Manager

Katie Hogan

Graphic Designer