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BioVid Presents: Predicting the Future – Why is Everyone So Bad at Something So Important?

May 10, 2021

Predicting the future is complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

Watch our latest presentation to learn more about the exact evidence-based techniques and processes we use to help our clients make sense of future trends, make better decisions, and more accurately forecast performance.


View our presentation today to learn how to:

  • Distinguish between types of prediction environments and appropriate approaches to each
  • Deal with supposedly unpredictable events (such as COVID-19) and current limits on the human ability to predict them
  • Learn where and when to use different types of human judgment sources for business prediction (and which types NOT to use)
  • Apply a set of principles that can be used to inform virtually any type of prediction-related exercise in your organization

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Carter Smith

Meet the Speaker:

Dr. Carter Smith, BioVid Principal and Prediction Expert
Carter is an award-winning expert in forecasting and applications of prediction science. He is well known among his broad client base and the life sciences industry for the ways he applies decision science (including cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, and behavioral ecology) to new product demand and forecasting.