BioVid Breakfast Club

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BioVid Breakfast Club

BioVid Breakfast Club

An educational (and free!) webinar series for life science brands.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee (or a mimosa, we won’t tell!) and join your favorite BioVid experts at our first ever webinar series: The BioVid Breakfast Club!

These mini-webinars are just 15 minutes long and aim to educate you on essential topics related to behavioral insights in life science businesses. Don’t forget to stick around for a live Q&A at the end of each show; it’s your opportunity to ask any burning questions you have for our team. This is your chance to engage with our experts on topics that matter to your business.


Join Us for Our First Webinar

BioVid Breakfast Club; Empath & Gen Z. Watch live on August 9th at 10am Eastern time.

Empathy and Gen Z

August 9th, 2022 at 10 AM ET

Gen Z has been challenging to reach through traditional channels for healthcare-related market research, yet this cohort is incredibly important to understand and support as they age. How can we reach them, and how can we understand them?

Learn how we discovered the BIG benefit of embracing deep human empathy in a tangible and measurable way through our research approach and how we conveyed the research findings to compel internal stakeholders to do the same.

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Please note: This webinar is for life science manufacturers only.