Customized approaches

Holistic, customized approaches, designed with the respondent type in mind are a hallmark of our offerings. We believe that method selection should be informed by both the business objectives and the psychosocial makeup of our client’s customers, prospects and influencers. Our moderators, facilitators, and ethnographers view establishing trust and engagement as a necessity for leveraging discovery and insight. Projective techniques and creative approaches are selectively employed with intention to deepen discovery and break down barriers.

We provide a means for respondents to express what they often won’t or can’t tell others about their needs, fears, frustrations challenges and experiences.

Minimizing Bias

We maintain vigilance against bias, the enemy of truth, in all its forms.

We consult with our clients on how to minimize bias at every step in the research process and how to make informed methodological tradeoffs. Our qualitative explorations have provided critical insights to our clients, guiding them in their decisions and the development of products, programs and services. Our immersive findings enable our clients to walk in their customer’s shoes and see the world through their eyes.


We commonly employ qualitative methods for the following business objectives:

  • Market Landscape
  • Patient Flow/Patient Journey/ Buying Process
  • Emotional Drivers and Barriers among Providers and Patients
  • Professional and Consumer/Patient Communications Development and Testing
  • Positioning
  • Creatives Assessment
  • Message Development
  • Storyboard/Videoboard
  • Lexicon
  • CVA and Collateral Assessment, Objection handling
  • UX/UI Assessment
  • To inform survey design (Segmentation, Demand, Opportunity Assessments)

Our expertise and capabilities are ALSO available for our clients’ internal stakeholders and are often a key aspect of the research initiative:

  • Insights Immersion
  • Hypothesis Generation
  • Ideation/Problem Solving Workshops
  • Organizational Socialization of Insights

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