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As we see it, Patient Journey research provides two central sources of value:

  • Profound insights on drivers of patient experience, decisions, and behaviors over time and across contexts.
  • Business and Brand building opportunities at each phase of the journey.

We start with a simple premise: To effectively engage with patients, healthcare brands need holistic understandings of patient experience, decisions, and needs at strategic junctures along the disease journey.

We know that the factors that drive decisions and behaviors during early phases of a patient's journey will be very different than those at play in later phases. As a result, patient journey research must:

  • Unbury key drivers of patient experience (e.g., mental, emotional)
  • Tune in to how these factors change over time and why
  • Pinpoint how these dynamics shape diverse business and brand building opportunities that emerge over the course of the journey

Patient Journey Research Methods:

We rely on a suite of award-winning research methods to draw a clear bridge between the patient experience and commercial opportunity.

We use a Cognitive Ergonomic approach to ensure that our methods “fit” with the operating psychology and emotions of the patients we recruit into our studies.

  • Confidant Immersions
  • Catharsis Workshops
Patient-centric Insight Deliverable

Our deliverables read like a phycological novella for business decision-makers.

Each Phase a Chapter

It is a “character driven” research-based story about patients organized in discrete chapters.

Access to Innermost Experiences

You will understand your target patients innermost thoughts, emotions, and motives in general and in the context of key business and brand-relevant moments.

Within each chapter of the patient journey, we also shine bright light on two forms of business and brand opportunities throughout the journey:

  • Defining Moments: Unmet needs that present as patient engagement opportunities for your brand (e.g., diagnosis).
  • Sub-journeys: Critical business processes that are directly influenced by the journey (e.g., onboarding).
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