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BioVid Announces New President, Peggy Hirtle
June 19, 2019
Peggy Hirtle

BioVid Corporation today announced the recent appointment of seasoned brand strategist and expert, Peggy Hirtle, to the role of President at BioVid Corporation.

Hirtle most recently served as Executive Vice President, General Manager at Insync Strategy, a Publicis Health Company. Over 20+ years she has built a career and a reputation as a preeminent brand strategist not only in life sciences but across several industries: automotive, communications, food and beverage, and technology. Her successful tenure has not only enhanced and solidified her marketing expertise, but also confirmed her strong belief in the power of insight-driven strategies and brand experiences, which she tenaciously applies while helping healthcare companies improve patient and business outcomes.

“The addition of Peggy to our leadership team strengthens BioVid’s position as a go-to agency for clients seeking empiric-based decision-support and is a component of the natural evolution of the firm,” said founder and CEO of BioVid, Andrew Aprill.

“She clearly has the leadership skills, the research experience, the cross-industry expertise, and the vision to lead this organization. We are all excited to have her as part of the team and look forward to her stewardship in this new role.”

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