Business Consulting and Brand Strategy

In today’s high-risk, fast-paced environment, you can’t afford to make management decisions based off of your consultants’ “gut instincts” or “hunches.” That’s why our cross-functional consultants will partner with you to deliver data-driven insights based off of empirical, hard-fact findings. We work with you and your team to show how our recommendations for business transformation are generated directly from market analytics and customer feedback. And of course, we also ensure that delivering those insights to the broader management team has the impact that only cutting-edge design can deliver.

Andrew Aprill, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO

Andrew’s career has always been about addressing the “So what?” questions in commerce. His belief that research for the sake of research is an inept way forward. The end goal of any consulting initiative should be to change the way your management team thinks about your business, your brand, and most importantly, your customers. Andrew’s role in our consulting practice is as lead architect of the IQuus offering, a revolutionary change in how management engages their internal teams and their external markets.

Peggy Hirtle

Over the course of her career, Peggy has excelled at every function that BioVid currently offers its clients: design, research, brand strategy, and consulting. She spent the first half of her 20-year career in consumer-based brand strategy consulting, working across automotive, communications, food and beverage, and technology industries. It was here that she honed her business consulting expertise and strong belief in the power of insight-driven strategies and experiences, which she now applies to transforming healthcare companies to improve patient and commercial outcomes. Peggy manages the IQuus franchise, in addition to overseeing the consulting and strategy function at BioVid.

Carter Smith, Ph.D.
Principal, Brand Strategy

Carter’s clients in the life sciences have been turning to him for strategic brand guidance for decades. A specialist in specialty markets, Carter leverages data analytics in a way that few others can: his engagements generate action, not calls for more information. He routinely works with clients to hone and craft brand strategies in complex, one- of-a-kind markets. Carter frequently consults with clients on agency-of-record initiatives, where his analytic insights and market knowledge proves invaluable.

Will Leskin
Executive Director, Brand Strategy

Will Leskin is a trusted advisor whose Life Sciences clients rely on his insight-driven approach to their strategy and research needs. Will is a communications specialist who has guided countless brand teams on optimizing their digital, broadcast and print media. Will heads up our Qualitative Center of Excellence and is known for his ability to elicit both emotional and rational drivers of customer behavior.


Rock solid research and analytics are at the foundation of everything that we do. Research is the fuel for our consulting and strategy functions and directly informs each of our consulting engagements. Drawing on deep expertise in the Behavioral Sciences and our Cognitive Ergonomic research philosophy, we provide customer-based evidence to support strategic brand and organizational level decision making in the Life Sciences. We leverage insight and advanced methodologies to challenge and deepen how you see your business, your brand, and your market.

Aarti Shah
Executive Director, Client Outcomes

One of Aarti’s roles is to constantly challenge what is known from what is knowable all the while keeping keenly focused on the reality of delivering world-class results on-time and on-budget. As the lead of Client Outcomes, Aarti is constantly seeking ways to improve the price-to-value ratio for our clients. Aarti lives at the nexus of innovation and efficiency.

Sal Zerilli, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Knowledge & Innovation

As the lead of our innovation group Sal ensures that we deliver higher order insights and never offer-up “Q&A” research to any of our clients. He’s a true believer that no single approach has all the answers. Synthesizing published academic research with primary analytics, Sal and his team offer creative business solutions rich with novel insights, impenetrably complex themes made “duh” simple, or simple research that can revolutionize your strategic thinking and your business.

Dusten Brennan
Executive Director, Research Operations

Dusten’s role at BioVid is to ensure efficient, effective delivery of all our research offerings. She is the lead on compliance processes and all aspects of operations related to research initiatives. As Executive Director, she serves a critical role in driving costs down and out of the system, generating efficiencies that would otherwise go overlooked.

Eric Duncan
Senior Director

Eric has extensive experience in pharmaceutical business analytics, with a focus in Market Access and Healthcare Systems. Eric consults with clients to generate access strategies with stakeholders from diverse organizations including Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), Hospitals, Pharmacies, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).


We fully appreciate that the best strategic guidance, supported by the robust business analytics, is not successful until it is engaged by stakeholders in an organization in a way that inspires. That’s why our design team at BioVid is deployed on everything that we do. Still graphics, video, A/R – whatever it takes to not only allow the recommendations to “speak” in a way that connects (both intellectually and emotionally) but to elevate and motivate to action.

Pierre Sardain
Design Manager

Pierre has extensive experience in graphic design, visual arts and communications in general. His traditional design training in Europe developed his knowledge of illustration, typography, photography and later on computer graphics. Later in his career, Pierre completed an M.B.A. at The Anderson School at UCLA to develop his understanding of business management and marketing research. He has worked for retail, chemical products, the entertainment industry and most recently focused on the healthcare industry. Pierre thrives to satisfy BioVid’s internal and external clients while leading a growing and ambitious design team.

Katie Hogan
Graphic Designer

Katie brings years of multi-faceted experience to the BioVid team. She spent 7+ years as an Implementation Manager for hundreds of healthcare market research projects covering a vast range of therapeutic areas, making her an expert at managing the intricate inner workings of market research and consulting projects. Further, her breadth of knowledge obtained from an Advertising & Copywriting education at Temple University as well as a Digital & Graphic Design Certificate from Parson’s New School in NYC gives her an array of marketing and design skills that can be exceptionally applied to every project. Katie brings a keen eye, a fresh perspective, and a creative spirit to the BioVid Design Team.

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