We help life science organizations understand humans more deeply so they can interact with customers more effectively.

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Our Mission

BioVid partners with life science organizations to solve business problems in support of the greater good. We provide creative-yet-practical business solutions through strategic consulting, best-in-class research, and smart design for leading pharmaceutical and medical device organizations around the world.

Our Latest Innovations

We Make Predicting the Future Look Easy

The experts in our Prediction Center of Excellence have created a suite of evidence-based techniques to help clients make sense of future trends, make better predictions, and make more accurate forecasts.


Time is Money: Mitigate Risks in Clinical Trials Research

Clinical trials are fraught with risks and lack engagement from key stakeholders – leaving you short on time and money. Our three offerings help mitigate those financial and timeline risks by drawing on cognitive and behavioral science and advanced analytics to bring you deep-seated answers to your most pressing clinical research questions.

Our Team

Our people are more than the roles they play at work. 

We see our team like we see patients, physicians, and consumers – as humans first. We employ living, breathing, complex human beings with diverse experiences, needs, desires, and struggles. We respect and celebrate their humanness. We aim to attract people who are passionately curious about understanding what it means to be human. We use our diverse life experiences and perspectives to help inform how we work together to solve problems for the world’s leading life sciences organizations. 

Meet Katie: Desert Dwelling Designer

They don't call her “The Legend” for nothing. 10 years ago, Katie left the city, headed west, and has been blazing her own trail ever since. From BioVid Intern to Implementation Manager to Graphic Designer - she’s ready for any adventure, in and out of the office.

Meet Greta: Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Greta is tireless. Whether she’s chasing her twins, training for another marathon, or digging deep into data, her can’t quit attitude takes her projects over the finish line - on time, in shape, and with a round of applause.

Meet Kai: Your Closer

Former Pro Baseball Player turned BioVid Research Director - Kai’s ability to cover all the bases, pitch winning solutions, and hit strategic home runs for our clients puts him at the top of our roster. If you need a win, you need BioVid.

Meet Niko: Research Rock Star by day, Literal Rock Star by Night

Niko is not only a maestro of tantalizing tunes, but he also has a unique ability to orchestrate the deepest insights, no matter how rare the disease or how obscure the patient type. If you want someone who rocks at research and electric guitar, call BioVid.

Meet Mona: Ensuring Quality Control In and Out of the Kitchen

Misspelled words and bad grammar aren’t the only thing Mona eradicates. Her cake-making-hobby-turned-business donates all profits to organizations that help mitigate food insecurity in the US and around the globe. Thanks to Mona, quality is never an issue at BioVid, and neither is satisfying our sweet tooth.

Meet Beth: Giving ‘Jack of all Trades’ a Run for His Money

Managing compliance regulations for multi-million-dollar companies isn’t a walk in the park, but Beth Leszczynski makes it look that way. That said, for Beth, a walk in the park isn’t adventurous enough. When she’s not successfully executing client audits and overseeing project compliance, she’s mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, and ya know… running a modest furniture business out of her garage.

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More Employees Coming Soon!

Our Thoughts

Advanced Prediction Science, Better Business Decisions

If you are in business, you are in the business of prediction.  We have been conditioned to believe that predicting the future is impossible or, in the least, impossible to be good at it. Black swans, dart-throwing chimps, fortune-tellers - it seems we just aren't...

Clinical Trial Center of Excellence

More Trial, Less Tribulation  As you well know, delays and lack of engagement by key stakeholders in clinical trials research create high-dollar problems that are hard to solve. To solve these problems, biovid built three offerings to mitigate costly risks and...

Stop “Guesstimating” Your Product’s Future Market Share

Discover our proven, science-based system for accurately measuring product demand. View the infographic below, and contact us at for more info.  

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