Mitigate Risks in Clinical Trials Research

Delays and lack of engagement by key stakeholders in clinical trials research create high-dollar problems that are hard to solve. Our Clinical Trial Center of Excellence is built on three offerings designed to mitigate costly risks and overcome frustrating delays.

More Trial, Less Tribulation in Clinical Research

Clinical Trials are fraught with risks that lead to heavier than expected costs and frustrating delays. Our Clinical Trial Center of Excellence is built on three offerings designed to mitigate these risks:

Trial Site Typing

Trial sites can be segmented into discrete types that can be defined and operationalized for strategic purposes. With insight into these “personality types,” trial sponsors and CROs have a better chance of engaging sites in compatible ways that lead to better outcomes.

Combining our Site Type Indicator FrameworkTM with deep qualitative research, we generate clear data-driven guidance on how to engage with trial sites in ways that realize efficient processes and increased engagement.

Trial Site Ranking

Not all sites offer the same value. Drawing on cognitive science and advanced analytics, we create lists of prioritized sites for clinical research. In addition to enabling sponsors to prioritize sites that will yield high ROI, these rankings also fuel resource scaling and communication optimization.

Building on our award-winning, accurately predictive demand methods, we overcome the tendency of target sites to over-promise and under-deliver on recruits and completes. This improves planning, increases completes, and quickens the pace of trials.

Patient Process Repair

Drawing on our core competencies in behavioral science and patient journey research, we identify and help remedy “leakage points” and retention barriers that lead to time delays and avoidable extra spending.

Our insight into the patient experience of trials goes beyond patient voice to deep human understanding. Armed with these insights, we guide diverse stakeholders through design solution processes to create elegant ways to “plug leaky pipes” with optimized communications and behavioral nudges.

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