Credible Estimates, Confident Stakeholders, Clarified Paths to Peak+

Learn how BioVid’s proprietary market demand platform avoids common pitfalls that plague traditional demand studies.

Do we measure the right things?

We avoid “garbage in, garbage out” pitfalls with wisdom from 500+ demand studies.

Knowledge Integration:

Align with stakeholders to ensure buy-in and boost credibility

Smart Designs:

Use best-fit TPP and choice designs to ensure meaningful responses

Strategic Samples:

Employ strategic samples to reflect longer term market evolution

How do we manage over-exuberance?

We apply behavioral science techniques to nullify biases & heuristics that cause inflation.

Science-based Techniques:

Making respondents better at accurately predicting their own behavior

Validated Results:

90% of the time, we predict validated peak share within -3 and +1 percentage points

Why would anyone believe our results?

Our demand narratives compare performance to similar products in similar markets based on:

Historical Benchmarks:

Rich metrics benchmarked to our proprietary database of 350 demand studies

Market Type Analytics:

Knowledge capital about distinct market archetypes that explain what’s unique and general in your market

How do we help you outperform expectations?

We offer outputs forecasters expect – plus insights marketers need to build brands and develop markets.

Market Drivers & Barriers:

Perspective what to leverage or overcome

Customer Mindset Insights:

Insights into biases and heuristics to feed or fight

Territory & Positioning Opportunity:

Identifying territory and positioning opportunities

Maximizing Context and Decoding Propensity to Act in Demand Research with CIAIRA™

CIAIRA™ is BioVid’s proprietary AI tool, built in-house. It combines the latest advancements in artificial intelligence with our deep understanding of cognitive and life sciences. This powerful combination allows CIAIRA™ to analyze information through a unique lens, uncovering the emotional drivers behind customer behavior.

CIAIRA™ analyzes open ends to detect critical signals related to behavior activation via insights grounded in emotion science. This enables us to characterize product concepts based on their emotional resonance; something we know is predictive of real-world behavior.

DemandDefenderTM is built on behavioral science insights into customers that drive credible demand results and avoid common pitfalls of traditional demand studies.

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